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Annual Dental Cleaning Special – 20% OFF Regular Price – for all dental services

If your pet has existing periodontal disease, the only way to clean the teeth is under general anesthetic. The teeth are explored with a probe to map the packets (a 6-point exam on every tooth), then hand and /or ultrasonic scaling of the crown (exposed tooth) is done followed by a thorough cleaning below the gum line. The tartar you see on the tooth is not where the main disease process occurs! Polishing removes the microscopic scratches on the teeth that cleaning causes. If this step is avoided, the tartar can actually build up faster. A medicated solution is flushed below the gum line to remove debris and reduce bacteria. Fluoride is then applied to the teeth.

Dental problems can be minimized or even prevented through regular annual cleaning and scaling under anesthesia, done right here at Bingle Veterinary Clinic. Thorough oral hygiene by our professional team takes anywhere from 35 minutes to over 2 hours depending on the severity of the mouth problem. Learn More.

Offer good until Feb 28, 2023. We have a daily limit on how many we can book so make your appointment today. Book Appointment

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