Diet and Nutrition

We offer a variety of veterinary-exclusive therapeutic and wellness diets for better health. Nutrition can help your pet’s body recover faster, stay healthy longer and even help defend against health issues. Every ROYAL CANIN® veterinary formula we offer gives priority to the pet, focusing on nutrients that help promote wellness, minimize clinical symptoms or promote recovery. For more information about the diets we carry, please consult with one of our team professionals.

Veterinary-Exclusive Therapeutic Diets

Nutrition can be an important component in maintaining and even improving the health of your pet, but only a veterinarian can determine what role food can play if your pet is sick. Royal Canin has formulated a range of therapeutic diets that may be prescribed by our veterinarians in certain situations.  We urge you to ask one of our veterinarians about the role that nutrition can play in the management of illness and to ask if a Royal Canin diet is the right choice for your dog or cat.

You need the expert advice of your veterinarian before making any food changes or diagnosis. That’s why all ROYAL CANIN Veterinary Diets® are recommended and sold only by veterinarians .

Veterinary-Exclusive Wellness Diets

ROYAL CANIN® Veterinary Care Nutrition allows you to work closely with our veterinarians to determine the best wellness diet for your cat or dog. It’s a complete line of veterinary-exclusive wellness diets that provide complete and balanced nutrition for cats and dogs of all ages, sizes and specific needs.

The Veterinary Care Nutrition formulas we offer are made to address a wide range of factors that help maintain the health of your pet.  These include:  Growth and Development, Proper Digestion, Skin and Coat, Dental Health and Optimal Weight.

Ask one of our veterinarians which formula is right for your pet, or learn more about our Veterinary Care Nutrition Diets at Royal Canin’s web site.