About Us:

Bingle Vet is a Full-Service Veterinary Clinic. We offer vaccinations, wellness profiles, spay & neuter surgeries, dental cleanings, skin care & allergy testing, nutritional consulting, tightrope and other specific orthopedic surgeries, as well as being certified to file documentation for International Travel and OFA documentations.

Our Vision:

We aspire to become the Ritz Carlton of Vet Clinics and expect to exceed your expectations.  We take our client’s feedback seriously and ask that you let us know if there is ever any issue with the service that you receive at Bingle Vet so that we can resolve it immediately.

Our 10-Minute Guarantee:

Here at Bingle Vet, we don’t keep our clients waiting. We understand the frustration of waiting a long time in a doctor’s office. Therefore, we guarantee that one of our Veterinarians or Veterinary Assistants will see your pet within 10 minutes of your scheduled appointment time or your exam fee is FREE.

Guarantee Rule: Arrive 5 minutes early to allow for check-in procedure.

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Our Mission

Bingle Vet is a team of friendly, caring, and professional people who are always focusing on the health and happiness of family pets. We work within our “10 Points of Culture” to make sure that all family pets receive the best medical care and live a long healthy life. We are dedicated to providing the best veterinary care to our community and are always improving our standards of care, as well as staying up-to-date on the latest technologies and advancements in veterinary medicine. We provide an environment which is extremely clean, professional, and inviting to all. We are always be smiling.

We are in the business of saving lives and stomping out diseases. We educate pet owners about the importance of vaccinations and how their pet can be protected from deadly diseases. We diagnose and treat a variety of illnesses to ensure that family pets enjoy a happy and healthy life free from pain and suffering. We also offer overnight accommodations at our Pet Resort & Spa; a place where our guests will receive lots of love and caring attention while away from their humans. All of our services and products will be delivered by a team of professionals who believe in making a difference in the lives of all family pets we come in contact with.  We will address our patients and patient’s humans by names.

While most Bingle Vet customers are humans living in the Spring Branch & Memorial Village or Katy / Fulshear area, some travel many miles to have their pet seen by our Veterinarians and professional support team. Our customers consider their pet to be a part of their family just like we consider their pet to be a part of ours. They are open to our recommendations; they understand the importance of preventative healthcare; and they are willing to do whatever is medically necessary to ensure that their pet is happy.

Bingle Vet is a family-based veterinary practice where family pets will develop a long-term relationship with our dedicated veterinarians and compassionate support team; the same faces will be here when our customers need us. Our practice provides an ambiance which emphasizes a caring environment for pets and maximizes the comfort level for our clientele.  We are extremely passionate about pets and our clinic is a place where pets become a part of our family. Not only do we at Bingle Vet take pride in providing the best medical care to our patients and offering a comfortable place where pets can stay with us; we also stand out because we understand the need to provide the best customer service to our clients. We take pride in making sure that our clients are one hundred percent satisfied with the care their pet receives at Bingle Vet and the personal experience they have with coming to our practice.

Our Ten Points Of Culture

1. Focus

I am focused on providing the best medical care to the patients and making sure that all clients leave our practice with the feeling that Bingle Vet is the best caregiver for their pet. My focus is on performing activities to ensure that Bingle Vet builds the reputation as the Ritz Carlton of Vet Clinics.

2. Standards of Care

I am committed to improving organization and efficiency by establishing and maintaining patient and customer standards for all aspects of the business and communication. I will help to create and enforce Standards to ensure the practice reaches the highest standards of operation.

3. Communication

I am committed to providing honest and open communication between team members and clientele. I will always speak positively of my co-workers and clients. I never use or listen to sarcasm or gossip. I take full responsibility for responses to my communication. I greet and farewell others using their name.

4. Teamwork

I am committed to using my individual skills to help the team provide quality service – teamwork is key. I will always step up to help others as well as kindly ask others for their support when needed.

5. Quality

I am committed to providing excellent quality service through self-innovation, continual education, clear and concise communication, and focus on exceeding client expectations at all times.

6. Responsibility

I am committed to taking responsibility for my own actions to ensure that team member cohesion is maintained at all times.

7. Environment

I am committed to being supportive of those around me in an effort to create a positive, friendly and caring environment.  I will focus on creating the best ambiance for our clients; from the time they pull into our parking lot, walk into our building, are put into an exam room, enter our boarding facility. I will help create that Ritz Carlton experience for our clients and co-workers. It is critical that I am positive and proactive at all times.

8. Respect

I will act professional at all times and strive to provide the best professional working environment for all. I will refrain for yelling or acting inappropriate at all times. I will 100 percent respect others and strive to live above the line.

9. Excellence

We strive for perfectionism and want every clients experience to be 10 out of 10. We want every animal to be perfect, every employee to stay with us forever, that’s how we strive for excellence. I am thorough in all my actions so that each client receives the best medical care for their pet and customer service. I will help ensure that the invoice is complete, medications are appropriately dispensed and the client receives all appropriate educational material. I will help make sure each patient transaction is thoroughly completed from start to finish.

10. Affectionate

I am affectionate towards all animals. In front of clients, I will always reach out and show my affection for their pets. I will love, care for and treat all patients like they are a part of my family.

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